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Milieuziektes means Environmental Illnesses or Diseases.

Purpose is help, advise and information for people, who suffer in their living- or working places from the devastating health effects from influences of the environment.
These may result from elektrical- magnetic- of electromagnetic fields, dust particles or gasses in the air, fungus or other damaging substances.

Freiburger Appell

Read the Freiburger Appeal where 100 german physicians link a direct connection between the installment and use of mobile phones and a number of chronic diseases.
And now also the Bamberger Appeal, started by 77 physicians.
There are more Appells at the moment.
All together, some 2.000 physicians ara alarmed by what they experience in their daily practice.


www.milieuziektes.nl directs her activities especially in making building biological house investigations and therafter consulting and advising in order to prevent en diminish of the risen health complaints.
The investigations are conducted according Building Biology Guidelines for Sleeping Areas, as part of the STANDARD OF BAUBIOLOGIE METHODS OF TESTING SBM-2008.
Those guidelines prevent the risk of getting ill.
They did not fall from heaven, but are the expertise and result of many tens of thousands of house investigations in many countries. It was instigated by Wolfgang Maes.
In other countries no such guidelines exist


There is also a helpdesk, see Contact .


Periodically an informative elektronic magazine, *het bitje*, which can be downloaded for free from this website, will be published.
The first row is dutch, the second is german and the third is english.

Own Research

Milieuziektes.nl also investigates and researches means and *things* and apparatus, that may improve the aforementioned circumstances and complaints.
Milieuziektes.nl is completely independant, impartial and objective.

This website tries to bring information about the problemacy. It looks quite technical and problematic, but we try to explain it as clear as possible so that anyone can make up his/her mind.
For a better understanding, it is advised in reading a number of issues of the free elektronic magazines, the e-zine *het bitje*. New developments are ventilated here regularly.
Especially about the measuring meters. Although the text is in dutch, the pictures explain a lot.

Even if you are not electrosensible yet or you do not suffer from one form of environmental illnesses, it is very good being informed and in any case to have an understanding of the problems fellow citizens may have or suffer from enormously.
Be warned; maybe you do not know or realize it yet, but you could be a victim already without knowing it.
Being of age is no reason for being sick. Youth either.
Headaches and tiredness are not normal.

Our estimate that 10 % of the population already are elektrosensible seems to be corrected by swiss and austrian sources. They mention of 20-30 %.

Why the name*Milieuziektes* or Environmental Illnesses?
Because a lot of illness phenomena find their origin in environmental circumstances.
Count to that, that healing of existing *normal* illnesses are disadvantageous influenced by these environmental circumstances.
For example,somebody with cancer, when under the influence of pulsed high frequency radiation (f.i. mobile phones, phone masts and DECT phones), will have the greatest difficulty in order to let the healing process proceed succesfully.
For that reason homeopatic drugs are less effective under such loaded living surroundings.

This website will be adjusted continuously.

Contrary to the english language we prefer using the german word *elektrosmog*.
For us it looks a bit more sinister than the english *electrosmog*.

And because a lot can be found in Germany.

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