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Many people walk against brick walls with their complaints, they are not understood, and advised to see a psychiatrist.

The sussing words of our authorities have proved not to be trustworthy and do not help in improving the situation of the still more aggravating and ill becoming people.

Like asbestos, DDT, tobacco, woodimpregnating, X-ray radiation, softenon, etc. which for years could not harm our health, has proven ill advice and the contrary has been established.

Every cigarette package says: "Smoking is deadly", although there is no scientific proof for that.
Thousands of cows, pigs, chicken and other beasts have been killed, although there was noscientific proof, that they were all cantaminated.
That was all done according the Precaution principle. That is correct.

But for influemces of the environment the authorities refuse to apply this Precautinary principle, and are 16 milion dutch people unvoluntarily guinea pigs.

I do know from many sources how devastating that can be.
About that I do know a lot.
But you can bet, that our authorities know a lot more.
They do know also those sources, they are on the internet and they read all that too.


Our *Gezondheidsraad* does only research on literature, and all their advises and verdicts are solely based on that. They advise the government, and everybody hides behind them.

A new drug may come on the market only after 10-20 years of research.
But a damaging technique like f.i. UMTS may be put on the market without any prelimilary research.
(I hear already alarming messages from germany)

And all those researchers of chronical weariness, chronical headache, depression, heart rhythm disturbances, forgetfulnessand more, refuse to look after environmental influences.

There is not one environmental organisation in Nederland who will look into environmental influences.

In germany there are 12.000 Burgeriniative. In the Netherlands not one!
Not that we have something to protest against.

It is our intention that people start realising what they are doing.
That they realise, that such a wireless home phone according to DECT is a real *Health Killer*.

And there are so many more points.

We want that everybody asks himself what the real reason may be for all those unaccountable and unexplanable diseases and complaints, where the traditional medicine cannot find a cause.

The politicians in the Hague were all asleep, when they gave the providers a carte blanche for placing the antennas where they want. They multiply each day, and they grow also (on top).
(All members of parliament have received *het bitje* of july 2002; not one reaction. With that they were informed, that with the use of UMTS about 60 % of the population would be seriously ill!)
I have send it personally to the prime minister and to the state secretary, but they put it aside.

The dirty air and everything connected to it (like fine matter) will officially not be handled correctly. Somebody giving a ticket, because he drove an overspeed of 2 km/h too fast has nothing to do with the environment.

Only people going for instance to France on holiday come back with unbelievable stories about clear skies at night full of stars!

People in Rotterdam do not believe that. When they look up, they do not see anything.

I want to thank the GGD in Groningen.
They distribute excellent and understandable documentation on a number of harmful elements like formaldehyde or radon gas. It is only in dutch.

Results of researches.

Yes, you would say, all those reports do not show anything harmful?

And that is a misconception. Our government does not order research. The only ones that do research is the telecom industry.
They pay and thus they have a great say in the results. With their orders they already command what they want researched. They only want reports showing the harmlessnes.
When negative outcomes are reported, those scientific research reports are not allowed to be published, and as such they do not count.
And if such a report happended being published, a peer-to-peer research has to be taken.
However, nobody wants to pay for an investigation, where it is known from the beginning, that the results will be the same. Therefore they change with such investigations a number of parameters, with the putcome of different results.

So they look a whole winter in a cornfield for strawberries, and none were found. A peer-to-peer investigation will be done during the summer. And also then, no strawberries were found in the cornfield. The researchers concluded that strawberries therefore cannot exist.

This may look ridiculous, but in the same way research in mobile phones has been done. The TNO Cofam investigation had also the starting point of establishing the harmlessnes. The results were disappointing for them, because they found something.

The german Ecolog Institute got an order from a telecom company to investigate, but it was strictly forbidden to look after a-thermical effects.They got around that by defining the area as micro-effects.
Their Report was hidden under the table for over a year, but then the people at Ecolog exploded and they placed the Report on the internet.

Many researchreports which showed something have disappeared. And critical scientists have been threatened and sabotaged in their work. There is a long list of good critical scientists, with yearlong experience in this field, who have been made working impossible.

The telecom industry continues on, like the asbestos and tobacco industry, bagatellising the dangers of mobile phones.
There are so many reports with strong indications of the dangers, but nobody wants to pay for an investigation, in which the proof is definitive.
Politicians are under the strings of the industry. The book*Mobilfunk, ein Freilandversuch am Menschen* is very illustrative about that. There is no reason, why that is different in other countries.

UMTS is damaging to health. TNO has proved that. UMTS is a lost case.
Technically it is overtaken, too expensive and too slow. There is no market for it. There is no so-called *killer-application*.
It is the government who pushes on and on. They demand 70% coverage in 2007 overhere..
This is also the opinion of Paul Smits, oud-topman van KPN.

Minister Brinkhorst sees no reason for pausing the installment of UMTS.
The TNO Rapport already shows all reasons for applying the Precautionary principle.
It is a question how the minister justifies this with his conscience.
He also has received *het bitje* juli 2002, in which the warning is implicated that with the use of the UMTS network ca 60 % of the population will be seriously ill!
Also prime minister Balkenende and secretary van Geel have received this personally.
But they just look aside.

It sounds very hypocrite for fining people for speeding 2 km/h too fast, to place zones of 80 km/h on motorways, the mouth full of Kyoto, but for this environmental disaster, that slowly kills people, animals and plants, to do nothing against it.
Of course it is a wonderful excuse for handling the *grey people* and* the weak* in the society, without anybody accusing the sore point.

One starts wondering about that, and stuff like the New World Order.






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