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Standard of the Building Biology Guidelines for Sleeping Areas SBM-2003. Those guidelines mean to protect against getting ill.

Because of the downloadspeed of this page the above pictures are compressed, and therefore less in quality.

Here the original german version: RICHT-03 VB.pdf

Here the definition: SBM.pdf

Here the english version of the SBM-2003.


Official Guidelines

Seen the fact, that the Gezondheidsraad performs no research, and their advise is only based upon literature studies, it may be clear, from the tables above, that the advices of the GR are NOT conform the ICNIRP recommendations, but rise above that (since 1977 !)
Probably because it shows nicer in their graphics.

From whatever angle looked at , from the above the concern of the GR for the population does not show. On the contrary.
The name Health Council could be better changed into Sickmaker Council.

Here a summary by Wolfgang Maes on guidelines in other countries.

The permit limit for microwave radiation has not been determined by doctors and biologists, based on trials on animals and humans, but by technicians and solely from the amount of radiation it takes to warm up a bag of salt water with 1 degree Celsius.


The Gezondheidsraad has recommended:

GSM 900 MHz 49 V/m or 6.500.000 uW/m2

GSM 1800 MHz 81 V/m or 17.500.000 uW/m2

UMTS 2050 MHz 87 V/m or 20.000.000 uW/m2

The ICNIRP has recommended:

GSM 900 MHz 41 V/m or 4.500.000 uW/m2

GSM 1800 MHz 58 V/m or 9.000.000 uW/m2

UMTS 2050 MHz 61 V/m or 10.000.000 uW/m2

When do we react?

Through our many measurements in houses and our conversations with electrosensibles, we have come to the following conclusion:

My experience is, that people may become electrosensible at exposures between values of
200 uW/m2 = 0,275 V/m and 2.000 uW/m2 = 0,9 V/m.
But most of them do have a history and are pre-loaded (with f.i. other electrosmog).
Many already electrosensibles may react at 1 uW/m2 = 0,02 V/m.
There are some who already have reactions at
0,1 uW/m2 = 0,006 V/m
Those figures occur just in praxis.

Many electrosensibles have much in common:
They were pre-loaded:
An operation which did not go quite well.
Wrong medication, or too long.
Amalgam tooth fillings, by which a heavy-metal poisoning occurred.
(Many Tinnitus patients see that as the cause for their illness)
The Apolipoprotein E epsilon-4 gene allel, which prevents the secretion of mercury.
Often blood group O.
And silicones in the body.

Belgische Grenzwerte:

GSM 900 MHz 20,6 V/m oder 1.125.623 uW/m2

GSM 1800 MHz 29,1 V/m oder 2.246.180 uW/m2

UMTS 2050 MHz 30,7 V/m oder 2.500.000 uW/m2