We can provide for a building biological house investigation of your home or workplace.

With such an investigation we use only high quality measuring equipment and measure according the (here downloadable) *baubiologische Richtwerte SBM-2003*,
the points A1 - A7, B1 and B6, plus some more:

The benefit of a building biological investigation is, that a number of deficiencies in the house can be pin-pointed, and an adequate advicecan be given accordingly.
The values in the SBM-2003 give a clue as to the gravity of the foundings.

A1 - Body tension in mV and energy level (Egely) and load (Flimmertest)
A1 - Lowfrequent electric DC in V/m
A2 - Lowfrequent magnetic DC in nT

A3 - Highfrequent electromagnetic fields velden in uW/m2
- sort, quantity, direction, frequency and hotspots
- resistance in Ohm of grounding
- VLF overload of mains

A4 - Elektrostatic fields in V
A5 - Magnetice DC in degrees
A7 - Earth magnetic deviations (earth beams) in nT

A6 - Radon gas in Bq/m3
A6 - Alpha, beta and gamma rays in uSv/yr
B1 - Formaldehyde in ppm
B1 - Carbonmonoxide in ppm
B6 - Rel. humidity in %
B6 - Carbondioxide in ppm
B6 - Negative and positive air-ions per cm3
B6 - Air electricityin V/m
- Waterquality in uS(iemens)


With the measuring report one gets a comprehensive evaluation with advice and guidelines in order to remedy foundings .

We do not sell anything, we only recommend what is appropriate at this moment for the found discrepancies.

Tel: +32-3-3 956 856
ing. Charles Claessens
Member Verband Baubiologie.


Below some examples of our measuring equipment.
This is an older image.
Now we do have much more meters and antennas.

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The big round disk is not an advertisement, but a measuring probe according the TCO norms for monitors.