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03-09-2010 Testing of electrosensitivity

I have been told, that some bozo’s over here are reflecting on methods to test the electrosensitivity on persons. But many such persons do not know how and why electrosensitives may *tick*

Quite a number of such tests have fallen through, because the persons who designed those tests, did not understand what electrosensitivity implies and how persons do react.
People do not react like lamps.

I would like to explain my viewpoints in simple language.

Assume the following:
The condition of the immune system could be expressed as having a bucket in your belly.
Slowly it will be filled with negative stuff, like toxic materials, heavy metals, drugs, etc.

In figure 2 the bucket has been filled till to nearly the threshold.
The immune system is already considerably damaged, but the critical threshold is not reached yet.
The *filling* of the bucket can contain a large diversity of factors, which may be even have nothing to do with elektrosmog.
At 200 to 2.000µW/m² (0,275 to 0,9V/m) the last level can raise to the threshold.
These values are for high frequency radiation, but low frequency sources may claim their toll too.

In figure 3 the critical threshold is reached (the red is elektrosmog).
Every drop added may cause an explosion: In such a way that persons may show a number of negative health effects
And with the aforementioned exposures, one could have become electrosensitive.
The other colors in the bucket represent other loads on the immune system, like poisons, toxins, heavy metals, uncoped or unprocessed trauma’s, drugs, worms, viruses and bacteria, etc.

In figure 4 everything has exploded, on top of the already present loads.
He/she now has become electrosensitive.
And then they may already react at exposures of less than 1µW/m² or 0,02V/m.
In figuer 5 the elektrosensitive has been charged extra, on top of the existing burden. The situation now is intolerable.

In figure 6 a *normal* person will be charges with the same load, which may cause an electrosensitive to suffer enormously, like in figure 4.
However, the *normal* person will not react (yet). For that a much higher load is necessary.

Most studies about electrosensitivity are therefore pure nonsense, because normal persons cannot react at loads on which electrosensitives may react strongly.

An electrosensitive can attain from condition 4 again to condition 3, and even when a repair of the immune system is succesful, the condition of figure 7 may be reached. That is the reason why electrosensitives at different moments or days feel better or worse.
The state of sensitivity does not remain constant and may change strongly.
Also the sensitivity for different sources may take turns.

It may be clear, that for testing elektrosensitives, it is important, that they must have the condition as in figure 3 before the test.
Persons according to figure 2 or figure 4 do not qualify.

They should remain just below the threshold of the blue line, and for the same sort of elektrosmog source. Because for another source type, they may react quite differently.

Many electrosensitives do react different or even not on for instance different sources like GSM, DECT, TETRA, WLAN, 5.8 GHz, *dirty air*, magnetic fields,etc.

Electrosensitives do react to very small amounts of elektrosmog.
It is therefore ridiculous to involve a control group, because they cannot react at all.
(If they still do anyhow, than they were not *normal*, but electrosensitive, without knowing it, like with so many people.)

Of course it would be marvelous, if electrosensitivity was proven scientifically, but than it must be good and correct..
But a clumsy study, where it is only proven that electrosensitives do not react to sources, we do not need..
Kaul, Rubin and Frick made also principal mistakes..

In figure 1 the bucket of a *nomal* person is shown.
The black represents the bucket, and the blue horizontal line is the pain barrier, the critical threshold in the immune system.
The volume of such a bucket is different for each person, and also the height of the threshold differs with each person .
But let us continue with this imaginary situation.
The bucket contains already some negative slurry, but they do not form a threat. It may take a very long time before the threshold is reached.
These persons do not react to elektrosmog.