On this page I want to bring forward other matters and explain them.

Those are matters, which look at first sight strange and alternative, but in allday practice have a lot in common with our problemacy.
*Scientists* will call it esoteric and discount it as humbug, because they lack momentarily the means to prove things.
It concerns matters, which have been researched for decennia in scientific programs and for which it is established that they work, but for which no recent established theory is suited to clarify why they work. New developed theories are not general accepted, but have a scientific basis.
The time that we could trust our authorities is all past, so we have to research ourselve.

Everybody looks at mee suspicious, when I say, that in his living room all kinds of beams fly around his/her ears. Only when I let them hear those radiation beams with for instance a HF Digitmeter, and they hear the difference between several catched signals (GSM, DECT, Radio, Radar) tehy want to beleive me.

That is the same with other matters. People distrust something they cannot see, hear, smell or taste. Still quite a lot of people have been victim by that; think about the colorless and odorloss carbonmonoxidec from stoves and en geysers.

A horse can not tell you where it hurts in the abdomen. There is equipment for sale (like Bioscan) by which, like in Startrek, one scans over meridianlines with a handscanner, which gives a high tone at certain points, which are not all right. Next one goes over these found points with a special adjustable infrared probe over the marked spots in order to heal the horse. It is some kind of electroacupuncture. And it works!

So there exist a lot of equipment and there are a lot of systems, which look at first sight strange, but on further consideration will serve splendidly.
A few I want to describe here and show the relevance. Everything is based on own experience and practice, so not based on salesmen talk.



I am ceratinly not some *flower-power phantast* type. For me there must be plausable explanations for several phenomena.
Through the years I have learned however, that there are many issues and circimstances, where at the moment no direct rational explanations are at will. Also certain theories do not apply.
But the effects are there, unmistakably.

A *scientist* places his head under water and concludes: "I hear nothing, so there is no sound under water!"
Too many scientific conclusions are based on wrong assumption and drawn conclusions.

Between the books on *Literature* stands the book*Tachyonen, Orgonenergie, Skalarwellen*. In this book they mention that already around 500 before Christ there were philosophers and physicians, who described the existance of tangible and untangible matter. The Church has suppressed a lot of that information.

Because of a number of practical cases, I have come to the conviction that those untangible matter issues also play a big part in our *elektrosmog*.

With the chapters Bioresonance, Aura's and Bioenergie I want to reveal a connection with regard to the relevance to frequencies, in order to show, that and why elektrosmog has an impact on our body.
Officially the working mechanism for electrosensibility is not known, and so the many electrosensibles are told that it all sits *between the ears*.
I want to show that our own energy fields (in- and around our body) by influences from the outside will be affected, with the result that we get ill.
It is no hanky-panky, but ordinarily measurable with electronic equipment and therefore demonstrable.

Read on Anti-Elektrosmog *Things*




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