Under the influence of *Radiation* we can get sick.
Officially, it is not recognized and the only answer many receive on their health complaints isen *that it sits between the ears* and one is sent home with tranquilizers and a (doctor's) referral for the psychiatrist or shrink.

However, for the appearance of harmful effects a difference is made.

The ICNIRP and the *Gezondheidsraad* claim, that only a danger can occur when it gets hot . Hetaing of tissue, max 1 degree Celcius within 6 minutes is the borderline. They call this *thermical effects*. The axioma is simple, that if the temperature limit is not passed, there is nothing to worry about.
Pay attention, the ICNIRP consists of technicians, not biologists.
The thermal effects issue was determined after they established how much enrgy was needed for heating a bag of salt water!

On the other hand, there are hundreds of studies, showing that damaging effects may occur far below the official guidelines, without the appearance of any heat.
We call those *a-thermical effects*. Many biological effects may occur which are damaging to our health. Because the *Gezondheidsraad* (just like the ICNIRP) protects the industry against the civilians, all those reports are not officially recognized, and kept under the table.
I do not blame the providers, but the Gezondheidsraad, who systematicallly refuses to accept a-thermical effects, and consequently refuse to apply the precautionary measure principle.

If you lie a day on the beach, the temperature goes much higher. That's why we do not hold the thermical effects not so important. Our main concern are the a-thermical effects.
Low doses over a long period

With the Cofam research of TNO low dose and very SHORT term came up. Not 50 V/m, maar 1 V/m and not 10 years, but 45 minutes!
The group electrosensibles as well as the *healthy* controlgroup reacted negative. Still the government sees no reason to apply the Precautionary Measure Principle.
It is known, that by using the mobile a bit longer, the temperature inside the brains, at about
6 cm deep inside the head, can raise up to 45 degree Celcius. We do not notice, because there are no pain nerves in our brains.
(see Cellular Telephone Russian Roulette, under Literature).

All *scientific* reports are based on bags filled with salt water. The content of our sculls are not that way, except maybe with a great number of politicians. The combination of bone, tissue, liquid and that in several layers, makes it work, that the energy absorption is about tenthousand fold higher than with water.

A number of reports:
Warum können kleinste Leistungsflussdichten.doc
Reflex voordracht.pdf
Interview von Klitzing.pdf




The study of Dr. R.Santini (F), who investigated a number of people living around GSM transmitters, was transformed into a graphical representation by Dr. G.Oberfeld, Landessanitätsdirektion Salzburg (A) Santini
It is clearly seen, that a number of complaints diminish only after ca 300 meter from the transmitter away.

Who is at risk?

Not everybody is electrosensible (ES).
But electrosensible people do have something in common.

They may have had troubled operations, wrong medication, amalgam tooth fillings.
Many electrosensibles are of blood group 0.

And those with the Apolipoprotein E epsilon-4 gene allele (see Symptoms 2)

And of course anybody under the influence of constant high frequency radiation.



The Naila Study isn't cold yet, or there is an announcement of another study, this time from Worms.
There dr. Germann has given a mid-term progress report about his research about the influence of pulsed EMF on the blood. With 1018 persons, scattered over Germany the blood was examined before the installment of a GSM transmitter and again after six to twelve months after the going in use of the transmitter. Up to now with 498 persons the blood was examined and compared with the first tests.

The results of the reticulocyten tests show, that significant effects with people occur as a result of pulsed EMF, like those which can be found in scientific literature in vitro and in vivo (in fact biological effects with lymphocyten, with granulocyten, with bonegrow and bonemark).

In connection with the new study results from Naila these are, according to Germann, again new important arguments against the careless zorgeloze expansion of the mobile phones.

An often heard counter-argument with blood research is, that the authorities pose, that the people ate *brussels sprouts* in between.
In all keys EMF as a possible cause is constantly denied, because that cannot and may never be the cause.
In any case, it is very good, that such studies show what is going on.
The bucket is not full yet,but with the still coming reports the bucket will flow over, and than finally something will happen.


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(source image:

In Spain, it now is a general rule, that inside 300 meter where children, sick and elderly remain, NO GSM transmitters are allowed to be raised!

And how do we do that in the Netherlands ?

We have a predilection for installing them on top of old people's flats, on top of rented flats and in social residential area's, and make sure, that they radiate very well into schools and hospitals.
One starts thinking by-thoughts.
I do certainly!

At a meeting with GGD physicians I have suggested (and also at a Symposium) that the GGD could maintain statistics about cancer cases and tumors in relation to GSM transmitters, as is done in other countries.
The implication is of course, that physicians and hospitals should be informed and told about.
I was answered, that such was not a task for the GGD .

And that is it!
On the other hand, the GGD can not warn for something that the Gezondheidsraad claims is completely harmless.
No, the GR has sofar not given any warning peep. They do not have any suspicions! They only advised for further research on UMTS. With that they have safeguarded their own position; not those of the civilians.

In Austria somebody compared the results of schools which were direct radiated and not-radiated.
Those of not radiated were significant better.

Several studies have shown that the radiation of mobile telephony disturb the EEG's.
From several hours up to more than a week.
Dr. Lebrecht von Klitzing has started this ten years ago, and others have repeated this and came to the same conclusion.

Read on Symptoms 1


Naila Study.

Now a study from Naila has been published. See Naila Study article.
In fact, it is a similar investigation like that of prof. Santini, but than specifically on cancer and tumors. Here the presentation; 20040730_nailastudie.pdf

Here a number of physicians have compared their patients files with those of the Krankenkassen.
Scientifically this epidemiological study was coached by prof. Frentzel Beyme.

Investigated were the differences between patients within 400 meters of a base station and those living between 400 and 1000 meters.
It handled the period 1994 till 2004.

Significant was that the share of new cancer cases with patients within the 400 meters around the since 1993 operating base station was considerable higher than those patients living farther away, and that those patients got sick at an average of eight years earlier.

For the years 1999 till 2004, so after five years of working time of the transmitter, the relative risk of getting cancer, for the close to the transmitter living peoplein comparison to the outside living people of Naila, has been tripled.

Juicy point at the discussion is the argument of the representative of the Landesamt für Umweltschutz, that in the research the wireless DECT phones at the patients homes should have been considered.
Measurements of the Landesamt should have shown, that the permanent radiation of the wireless DECT phones in many homes around the base station was clearly higher than that of the antenna installation.

The concept of this pilotstudy is simple and can always be repeated in all places, which for years have been relatively isolated from the radiation of a transmitter.

The GR will reagard this study as *not scientific*.
However, it is not the task of physicians to write scientific lectures.
Physicians should observe, diagnose and cure people.

It may be *scientific* if the GR should listen to physicians!